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Meet Edyta and Andy

Being experienced restaurantaurs in the Hudson Valley, NY for over 10 years on the majestic Hudson River,  we understand the appreciation of quality seafood.  Mobstah Lobstah was created to bring the best the state of Maine and its cold atlantic waters has to offer to our customers in our new home state of Florida.  Presenting fresh, sustainable,  and scrumptious certified Maine lobster rolls is our passion.  Fresh lobster bisque and New England clam chowder will compliment our delicious rolls. Lobster mac & cheese,  shrimp and lobster tacos, lump meat crab cakes sliders, fish a& chips tater tots with our homemade spicy chipotle aioli, and an assortment of slaws will complete the menu. Looking forward to serving the foodies out there that truly understand great fare.

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